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Gilroy Chamber of Commerce members and their employees have access to unique healthcare options customized to be both affordable and accessible. The Gilroy Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (CHCC), is offering a low-cost health benefits program that employers, employees, and Gilroy residents can join.

Businesses can offer this plan to their employees at no cost to the employer. Employers can pay for a portion of the benefits if they choose, but it is not required. The health benefit opportunity being offered is ACA compliant and provides 3 minimum essential coverage plans which have all the preventative services included as well as dental and vision for children.

By clicking on any of the buttons below, you will be taken to another website to enroll in the program or service of your choice. Although Apogee/CHCC does not ask for, collect or store any credit card or debit card numbers on our servers or systems, these other sites may host and collect your billing information for the purpose of processing your order and subscriptions. If you submit personal information to any of those sites, your information is governed by their privacy policies. We encourage you to carefully read the privacy policies of any web site you visit.

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For small business owners and their employees, healthcare coverage can be confusing and expensive. High premiums, higher deductibles & out of pocket expenses, narrow networks and subsidy income limits can make existing options unaffordable and unusuable. We can help. CHCC member employers and their employees now have access to unique healthcare options designed to be both affordable and usable. Our ‘ESSENTIAL” plans feature extensive networks, no deductibles for doctor office visits, and low copays. And they can be upgraded to provide added peace of mind should extraordinary health needs arise. Enroll Now

Whether employer or individual paid, feel free to explore the programs and options by clicking below. Even if you already have coverage, you may find additional benefits you have been looking for in the “LifeStyle Options” section.

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These unique benefits are offered to CHCC members and affiliates exclusively. No other Chamber of Commerce in the State of California is offering a healthcare program for their businesses as unique and affordable.

  • No minimum employee requirements! Small businesses and employers encouraged to participate. Individual employees can enroll.
  • The CHCC Healthcare Program does meet the ACA/California required guidelines and is a Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan.
  • Employer or Employee, if you have questions, feel free to call us at 866-402-4243 and use number 127, or Gilroy. Para Español  833-651-1103

Enroll Now!

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We started by rethinking the structure of healthcare coverages. You start by reviewing the benefits and costs of our ESSENTIAL MEC Plus! plans which cover you for doctor offices, urgent care, outpatient x-rays, labs…procedures performed outside of a hospital stay. Each ESSENTIAL plan is unique and provides you with features that you decide are most important to you and your loved ones. But we made sure each plan includes:

  • No deductible access to doctors, specialists, urgent care
  • Coverage for X-Rays and Labs
  • Prescriptions
  • Dental, Vision and Hearing
  • Consumer Advocacy
  • Health & Wellness
  • Can be offered by employers of all sizes
  • Employer paid all, some or none, can be offered to all employees.

Learn more about the CHCC ESSENTIAL MEC Plus!

NOTE: if you are a CHCC employer and want to allow your employees to enroll in any of the plans you must first “opt-in”. It’s easy, simple and does not commit you to any financial obligation! To fill out the simple one page “opt in” online form click the “Opt In” button below
Enrolling is quick & easy…online, by fax or by mail! Use Number 127, or Gilroy

To learn more about how this exclusive program works to save money, watch the following videos…

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"Joining the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce is one of the best business decisions I have made."

Anita Bedoya, Owner, Lapels Dry Cleaning

"While facing some delays opening our taphouse the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce intervened. Their creative approach to problem solving saved the day. The Chamber’s connections made a difference for us."

Ryan and Larissa Dickerson, Owners of Bitter Taphouse

"The Chamber has done a great job keeping me informed."

James Gargiulo, Spectrum Small Business Advisor

"We have been able to rely on the Chamber whenever we needed to be connected to people, resources and information."

Jaime Rosso, CEO, Rosso’s Furniture

"We have been actively involved in the Chamber for 20 years. We continue to stay involved because of the critical information they provide."

Bruce & Audrey Haller, Cafe 152 Bread Co.

"As a Gilroy Chamber of Commerce member, I’ve met more people, been able to give back to the community and be involved in decisions that affect our local economy."

Maria Cid, Farmers Insurance